A thing will be happening soon. this thing is cabin camping.

Hello troop, tis’ I again.

This January 9th to the 11th will be cabin camping. Which isn’t really camping, but we do it anyway.
Be in the church parking lot at 6 PM on January 9th, either haven already eaten dinner, or have some kind of dinner with you. We’ll be meeting in the Hemlock cabin at Durland.
The trip will be $15 per person, which covers two hot breakfasts, a lunch, and a dinner. To clarify, the breakfasts will indeed be served separately.
As always, you are implored to bring chess boards with you as we hold the annual chess tournament once again for the spectator sport that is enjoying the suffering of lesser players. We hope a lot of people come, because… we do.

Stay frosty, Logan Mero.

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