What do you need?

A Board of Review (BOR)

How do you get one?

  1. Complete all requirements for rank. (Read your book, there is more to it than just checking a box.) Some requirements require prior Scoutmaster approval. If you did not get prior approval then requirement is not done. Read your book. When all the requirements have been completed and signed off by Assistant Scoutmasters…
  2. Then the Scout may request, via email, a Scoutmaster’s conference. Send email, Scout not parent, to Troop Scribe (scribe@troop165ny.org ), cc: Mr. DeMarsh (fdemarsh@verizon.net), Mrs. Lewin (alewin@aol.com).
  3. After your successful Scoutmaster Conference, your Scoutmaster will sign your book, you may then email a request for a Board of Review.
  4. You, the scout, sends an email to the Troop Scribe (scribe@troop165ny.org ), cc: Mrs. Lewin (alewin@aol.com) & Mrs. Gummerson (jnmhg@optonline.net), to request your Board of Review.

**Scout’s should have own email address for requests. Always cc: a parent as well as those mentioned above.

** Scoutmaster’s conferences are done before or after the scheduled Scout meeting so the Scoutmaster can give you his full attention.

**Make sure to request your BOR at least 1 week prior to scheduled dates. BOR dates are on the Shutterfly Calendar as well as the calendar on the Troop website.

**You will receive a confirmation email from Mrs. Lewin. If you do not receive the confirmation email you have not been scheduled.

**Requirements for Scout rank through 1st Class may be signed off by Assistant Scoutmasters. Star and Life requirements may only be signed off by ScoutMaster.